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Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will assist you in every step of your body modification.  Our Tattoo Artists pride themselves on spending the proper time with you to plan, draw and apply your new tattoo. Our shop features:



tikichick2At Tiki Town we use the Statim Bravo Autoclave, the best and fastest autoclave systems in the world.  This allows us to guarantee that the tools for each tattoo will be individually sterilized for each client.  This means the tools come right out of the autoclave and are immediately used, thus eliminating any risk of cross contamination.

Here at Tiki Town every tattoo is done using brand new single-use disposable needles for all Tattoos.  All needles are disposed of properly after the tattoo and will never be re-used.


Why is an autoclave imperative for tattoo tools?


An autoclave is an imperative tool that you should find at any high end studio.  This is due to the fact that most studio tools can come into contact with other clients bodily fluids.  Any time that any of the tools come into contact with any bodily fluids and is reusable, use of an autoclave is considered to be critical; and in fact, not using an autoclave would be against all principles of sterilization practices.

This would be no different than a surgeon disinfecting his tools between patients.  If this were the case, you would never allow that surgeon to even come close to you with those tools.  So why is this accepted by a customer in this industry?


Not HERE, you get what you pay for!!